It Saved Me

Alyssa Bigbee’s beautiful account of her experience finding the practice of Yoga.


It saved me.

Just like that. At a point in my life when I had hit rock bottom, it saved me.

I had a bad temper and a negative attitude that always kept me in a slump. I stressed over the small things and had panic attacks.


Like a knight in shining armor, it came in and swept me off of my feet changing my life for the better.

I’m not talking about a man or supplement. I’m simply referring to Yoga. Yoga has become a big part of my life. Each morning the first thing I do when I crawl out of bed is roll out my mat and start my process. From that moment on I am in good spirits and my mind is peaceful.

Yoga has also been a significant help in my career. As a dancer, I have to stay fit and achieve flexibility which yoga has done. My core is stronger along with my upper body and I fearlessly do any challenging dance move thrown my way.


Yoga has definitely saved my life and I hope it does the same for others.

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Instagram: @Skyy__Fury

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