Our Team

Our Team consists of Yogi’s and Yogini’s interested in spread our message of beauty and inclusion within the yoga community.

Founder – Gerrae Simons Miller

GerraeAs the owner of Mellow Massage Therapy Center in Philadelphia, PA and founder of Yoga of Color, Gerrae has nurtured the careers of some of the finest healing arts practitioners in the Greater Philadelphia region since 2005. Through Mellow, Gerrae facilitates an annual Yoga and Massage retreat, consisting of a weekend filled with yoga classes, meditation workshops, and other experiences that promote overall equanimity for attendees. Her vision is to continue to grow Mellow Massage Therapy Center and Yoga of Color as wellness havens for our over stressed populace. Bringing healing to those who are in need is her passion.

YOC’s Fabulous Ambassadors!

Our ambassadors are volunteers that help to spread the word about Yoga of Color and its mission. We are looking to build our team of Ambassadors! If you’d like to volunteer to help continue the growth of Yoga of Color, please email us at yogaofcolor@mellowmassage.com!

Niki Rattray-Foote 

photo 3
photo 4Hi! My name is Niki Rattray-Foote, but I am better known as @NikiAlicia on Instagram. I was born in Saint Andrew, Jamaica, but was raised here in the United States in New Jersey for most of my life. I’ve always been an active person growing up. I was on a competing double dutch team in elementary school, and did track and field throughout highschool.

How did I get started with yoga? Although I started yoga at my local gym looking for alternative workout methods, I wouldn’t say my yoga journey began until November 2013. I was taking classes on and off for a while, and then out of nowhere something just clicked and told me “THIS is what you should be doing.” From then on, I threw myself into yoga head first. And although my practice is not always easy, it is ALWAYS worth it. I embrace all of the struggles and as well as the triumphs. That’s what makes me so appreciative.

I eventually would like to be trained in Ashtanga Yoga and possible teach, but for now I just want to help spread the love and light. I always encourage everyone to take a chance and to allow themselves to fall in love with yoga, just as I did. This is such a wonderful and supportive community, and it has changed my life.


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